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Downloadable drawings showing dimensions of transducers and accessories.

Dimensional Drawings
dB 15 TransducerD-804-0445-BDownload
dB 25 TransducerD-804-0549-BDownload
dB 3 TransducerD-804-0520-BDownload
dB 40 TransducerD-804-0597-BDownload
dB 6 & dB 10 TransducerD-804-0380-ADownload
dB Aiming KitD-804-0422-BDownload
dB FlangeD-804-0441-HDownload
dB Threaded Nose Transducer dB3, 6, &10D-804-0915-ADownload
dB Transducer Thread AdapterD-804-0446-CDownload
dBMACH 3 TransducerD-804-0623-CDownload
DUET Transducer BracketD-804-0766-G1Download
DUET Transducer Mounting BracketD-804-0766-G2Download
External Temperature SensorD-804-0610-ADownload
FlowCERT Lite BracketD-804-0924-CDownload
FlowCERT Lite Bracket Mounting GuideD-804-0924-CDownload
Milltronics equipment converter plateD-804-0536-CDownload
Ultra Fascia CutoutD-804-0478-BDownload