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Flow Measurement

Pulsar offer a wide range of flow measurement and monitoring equipment such as their MCERTs open channel flow systems (the most accurate in the world!) and their award-winning pipe flow sensor, Flow Pulse, which offers installation cost-savings and no interruption to service.

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Product Name:
Open Channel Flow
MCERTS Class 1 - 0.044% accuracy
Open Channel Flow
MCERTS Class 1 - 0.054% accuracy
FlowCERT Lite MCERTS Class 1 0.054% accuracy
Open Channel Flow
MCERTS Class 1 - 0.193% accuracy
FlowCERT Lite and dB3 with Twin Pulsar Sunshields
Velocity Area /OCM
Velocity Area /OCM /Low Power Consumption
MicroFlow-i low power liquid velocity sensor



Product Name:
Pipe Flow
Flow Pulse
Portable Flow Monitoring
Flow Pulse Handheld Controller
Fixed Installation Flow Monitoring
Flow Monitor
Solids Flow
Pulsar Guard sensor





Product Name:
Compatible with:
Ultrasonic Controllers
Ultra 3
Ultrasonic Controllers
Ultra 5
Ultrasonic Controllers