Level Measurement Overview

Level measurement is either contacting or non-contacting, measuring continously between the minimum and maximum range or at pre-determined points. Continous measurement usually uses ultrasonic or radar technologies while point measurement is usually contacting, float, paddle or vibrating blade switch.

Continuous Level Measurement

level application wet welldiagram continious level

  • Measures continuously providing a control signal between minimum and maximum range.
  • Non-contacting, unaffected by contaminants or debris.
  • Ultrasonic or radar technology.
  • Choose radar when measuring volatile organic compounds.

Recommended Products Non-contacting

Ultra 5 controller
Blackbox controller

Recommended Products Contacting

Differential Level Measurement

diagram level differential Differential level screen

  • Employs two transducers, one for each level.
  • Differential level indicates build-up of contamination on screen or filter.

Recommended Products

Ultra 5 controller

Point Level Measurement

level application pointlevel application point

  • Measures at a single level point.
  • Switch usually in contact with the medium being measured.
  • Prone to damage and contamination.
  • Controls switching of alarms and pumps.

Recommended Products

float switch
paddle switch
vibrating blade switch

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