Open Channel Flow With Primary Measurement Device (PMD)

OCF with PMD imagediagram flow measurement OCF with PMD

  • Channel with standard characteristics.
  • Flow derived using calculations.
  • Examples include V-notch weirs, Parshall Flumes and Rectangular flumes.
  • BS ISO 1438 and 4359.
  • 32 point linearization for non-standard channels head vs. flow.

Recommended products

Ultra 3 level controller
FlowCERT controller

MCERTS Products


  • Independently certified products.
  • MCERTS compliant.

Recommended products

FlowCERT Lite controller
FlowCERT controller

Open Channel Flow – Area x Velocity.

OC no PMD imagediagram flow measurement OCF without PMD

  • Straight channel with regular cross section.
  • Combine level and velocity measurements to calculate flow.
  • Ultrasonic or radar technology.

Recommended products

FlowCERT controller
Ultimate controller

Flow In Full Pipe

flow full pipe image diagram flow measurement full pipe

  • RSSR doppler technology.
  • Measures velocity of particles suspended in liquid.
  • The flow rate is calculated from the cross-section of the pipe.

Recommended products

Flow Pulse transducer

CSO and Sewer Network Monitoring

flow cso imagediagram flow measurement CSO

  • Battery or solar powered.
  • 4-20mA loop powered.
  • Fast wake up times.
  • For use with data loggers and telemetery devices.

Recommended products

Micro Flow-i

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