Contacting doppler velocity sensor

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Speedy is a steamlined, easy to fit liquid velocity sensor for use in channels, pipes or sections where no Primary Measurement Device (PMD) exists.

Pulsar's Speedy velocity sensor communicates digitally and is designed to connect to Pulsar's FlowCERT open channel flow monitor via FlowCERT's on-board RS485, it provides the velocity measurement for velocity x head calculations of flow rate where no primary measurement device exists. Speedy can be mounted up to 250m from the FlowCERT controller. Speedy is available as a "wedge" sensor with a stainless steel base plate or as a pipe mounted sensor.

Speedy operates with one of the following Pulsar controllers:

Velocity Interface

Velocity Interface
2 relays
1x 4-20mA output

FlowCERT flow controller

5 relays
2x 4-20mA outputs
Requires a Pulsar transducer

Ultimate flow controller

8 relays standard (expandable)
2x 4-20mA outputs standard (expandable)
Two channel system (expandable
Requires a level transducer

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Applications using Speedy:

UK Application

UK Application