Pulsarbar 750

Pressure/level transducer for demanding applications

Pulsarbar 750 product image

The Pulsarbar 750 is a pressure and level transmitter that is perfect for demanding applications throughout industry and the utilities. It is exceptionally stable and combines advanced sensing technology with modern manufacturing methods to provide a superb pressure transducer with very long life. The robust measurement cell provides good overrange protection and, with accuracy of at least 0.25% full scale.

Low range transducer

Pulsarbar 750 features a strong ceramic diaphragm with high over-pressure capability and very accurate capacitance technology that will detect minute pressure variations while withstanding large pressure spikes. Sensing ranges are available from 35mbar to 1bar, with voltage or current output options. Accuracy is 0.2%, long term stability 0.25% and there is a field adjustment range of 3:1. The Pulsarbar 750 is submersible and an open faced option is available for viscous liquids.

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  • Pressure and level measurement
  • Demanding applications
  • Borehole level measurement
  • Sumps, tanks and basin depth