PC Software Suite Echo Trace Screenshot

PC Software Suite

Interface for all your Pulsar equipment from a single installation

Pulsar's PC Suite now includes every major piece of Pulsar software in a single, convenient downloadable package. Activated by a security 'dongle' after the 30 day evaluation period and can be installed on multiple computers.

PC Suite can be used to set-up, calibrate, clone or download data from the main range of Pulsar equipment, particularly the recording and playback of echo traces from dB transducers.

Included within PC Software Suite

  • IMP PC - set-up, program, calibrate, clone and configure IMP+ and IMP Lite units
  • Blackbox PC - ability to create a programming template to easily set-up multiple Blackbox units, configure interfaces and outputs and to download data (depending on Blackbox unit in use)
  • Ultra PC - ability to set-up single or several Ultra 3 or Ultra 5 units, view live DATEM echo processing traces and view data log information
  • Twin PC - the same as Ultra PC but controls Pulsar's two-channel device, UltraTWIN
  • Sludge Finder 2 PC - control, program and calibrate Pulsar's sludge interface monitor, Sludge Finder 2. Also includes capability to program separate RAS and FLOC levels, see interface level profiles and store level data
  • dBi HART PC - address and configure the Pulsar's dBi HART Intelligent Transducers

PC Software Suite literature

Software download page.

PC Software Suite menu screen