Sludge Finder 2

Sludge Blanket Level Detector

Sludge Blanket Level Measurement System

Pulsar’s Sludge Finder 2 is a controller and transducer system that provides reliable continuous sludge blanket level measurement. It is used in thousands of applications worldwide for detecting sludge blanket levels in primary, secondary, tertiary settlement tanks either with stationary or travelling bridges, clarifiers, gravity thickeners or sequencing batch reactor (SBR) systems.

The two-part system includes a Viper Transducer which is purposely designed for sludge blanket level measurement. This purpose-built sludge level sensor uses sonar technology it is submersed into the liquid and detects the echoes from the material - any distinct density changes are reflected back to the transducer, the time taken for the echo to return is transmitted to the controller and the distance to the interface is calculated.

Sludge Finder 2 Features

Self-Cleaning Sludge Level Sensor

Self-Cleaning Viper Sludge Sensor

The Viper sludge transducer can be positioned up to 200m (656ft) from the controller and has a measurement range of 0.3m to 10 metres (0.98 - 32.8ft) - accuracy is 0.25% of the measured range. A tight 6° beam angle makes confined or cluttered applications easy and the self-cleaning face removes the need for regular inspection and maintenance – meaning you can avoid that unhygienic and hazardous task you hate!

Easy Set-up

Sludge Level Echo Profile

The Sludge Finder 2 controller is easy to install by following the on-screen menu driven set-up - simply follow the screen prompts to enter your application parameters and then the system automatically tracks the sludge blanket interface.

Flexible - User Specific

Sludge Finder 2 offers a wealth of different options depending on requirements for your application: -

  • Single or dual sensor input

    Dual Sludge Level Echo Profile on Sludge Finder PC

    When using two sensor inputs one of the following are possible: 1) sludge interface levels of differing densities (e.g. FLOC and RAS layers) can be alarmed; 2) monitor two sludge tanks continuously; or 3) measure the water level for applications where a low level is possible and the Viper transducer becomes exposed.

  • Installation

    Pulsar offer a variety of accessories to aid installation depending on your application requirements (please visit the Sludge Finder Accessories page for photos and more information):-

    • Flexible Arm - For applications with a travelling/rotating bridge or other objects that need to be avoided.
    • Stainless steel or galvanised bracketry
    • Cabinet enclosure (IP66) to further protect the IP65 enclosure from outside weather conditions, direct sunlight and sheltered from any potential exposure to water ingress via cable glands, precipitation or the application itself.
  • Communication

    Radio Telemetry System on Sludge Finder 2

    A variety of communication protocols are available depending on your requirements - Profibus or Modbus communications boards and a variety of radio telemetry transmitters and receivers (500m/1640ft line-of-sight) to help transmit signals to ‘top-end’ systems.

  • Software

    Pulsar PC Software Suite offers specific Sludge Finder 2 software that can be used to record and save all the parameters from your sludge blanket level measurement application(s). All parameters can be changed and downloaded to the controller via your laptop and echo profiles can be viewed and saved or sent to Pulsar via email if technical support is required

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Customer Testimonial

I have installed 37 [Sludge Finder 2] units over the last 4 years and commissioned over 60 units and have never had a failure.
Craig Warner, Electrical Engineer at Warner Services Ltd

Applications using the Pulsar Sludge Blanket Level System

Viper sludge transducer

The Viper sludge transducer submerged and using sonar technology, detecting the sludge density.

Industrial sludge blanket level measurement in Scandinavia

Sludge Finder 2 system installed on a wastewater settlement tank with radio telemetry system

Sludge Finder 2 installed on a wastewater settlement tank

Industrial sludge blanket level measurement in Scandinavia