Radio Telemetry System

Radio Telemetry System on Sludge Finder 2

Pulsar’s Radio Telemetry System is available as either a stand-alone transmitter or fitted internally into a Sludge Finder 2 controller. It transmits the information from up to two 4-20mA output signals and two relays to a matched receiver unit. Units are paired so an unlimited number of pairs can be used in the same location and transmission security is assured by ‘frequency hopping’ and a visual signal strength indicator

Features of the Pulsar Radio Telemetry System:-

  • 500m line-of-sight range
  • Stand-alone transmitter or fitted into a Sludge Finder 2 controller
  • Transmitter powered by a Pulsar controller, receiver 10-30Vdc
  • 2.4GHz global wireless standard
  • IP67, NEMA 6
  • RS485 option
  • Visual signal strength indicator
  • Unlimited pairs in same location
  • Compact and easily installed
Radio Telemetry System on Sewage Treatment Plant