Radar Level Star

An optional controller for Nemesis


Radar Level Star is a dedicated controller for Nemesis Radar and can only be used with the Nemesis transducer.

Team the Nemesis transducer with Pulsar's Radar Level Star controller to add on-board programming via Pulsar's straightforward menu-driven configuration.

Radar Level Star has a multi-function display and the control power that comes from six on-board relays that can be set for a wide range of alarm or control functions, for example: high or low level or rate-of-change; or to provide control for equipment such as drives, blowers or valves.

Digital communications with Modbus RTU and Profibus DPV1 and DPV0 protocols are supported by Radar Level Star.

Radar Level Star sales literatureRadar Level Star manualRadar Level Star case studies

Full listing of Pulsar user manuals.


  • Suitable for solids, liquids, and slurries in reactors, with rapid level changes and challenging process conditions
  • Foamy surfaces
  • Atmospheres other than air, or reduced pressure
  • Excels in challenging applications, including those in dirty, coating, crystallising or corrosive environments
  • Dust, heat and steam resistant
Outside dimensions: 235 x 184 x 120mm (0.77 x 0.6 x 0.39ft)
Weight: 1.5kg (3.3lbs)
Enclosure material/description: Polycarbonate, flame resistant to UL94-5V
Cable entry detail: 10 cable entry knock outs, 5 x M20, 1 x M16 underside, 4 x PG11 at rear
IP Rating (wall): IP65
Max. and min. temperature (electronics): -25ºC to +55ºC (-13ºF to +131ºF)
Flammable atmosphere approval: Controller needs to be in a safe area
CE Approval: See EC Declaration of Conformity in the manual
Analogue output: 1 off Isolated (to 150V floating) output of 4-20mA or 0-20mA into 1k? max. (user programmable and adjustable)
Digital output, monitoring: PC serial, half-duplex, RS232
Volt-free contacts, number and rating: 6 form "C" (SPDT) 5A at 110V AC
Display: 192 x 128 illuminated graphical LCD
Communication bus (optional): RS485 Modbus RTU/ASCII or Profibus DPV0 or DPV1 (slave device)
Radio Modem (optional): License exempt frequencies. Maximum range 500m (1640ft) line of sight
Local manual programming: Integral keypad
PC programming: RS232
Programming security: Passcode (user selectable and adjustable)
Programmed data integrity: Non-volatile memory
Power supply, internal: 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power supply, external: 20 - 28V DC @ 1A maximum
Power consumption: 30W maximum
Fuse: 2A (T) slow blow, 20mm (0.065ft)