Pulsarpoint 310

Rotating paddle level switch with ATEX dust approval option

Pulsarpoint 310 product image

Pulsarpoint 310 is a rotating paddle level switch for level measurement and switching on bulk solids. The paddle's rotation is interrupted when material reaches the paddle, causing a clutch to disengage the motor. This in turn actuates a relay allowing an alarm signal to be switched. This may be used to signify a material level as being high, intermediate or low depending on configuration chosen.

The Pulsarpoint 310 has a diecast aluminium housing sealed to IP66, with process connection in aluminium, or stainless steel. Various paddle materials are available along with options on seals for aggressive media applications. The Pulsarpoint 310 level switch is available for high application temperatures of up to +600ºC. It is also available with ATEX dust approval for Zone 20, 21 and 22.


Switches are available with solids or cable extension, allowing a wide range of alarm points to be catered for with materials to suit the application, as well as high temperature versions for applications up to +350ºC/+662ºF, such as is required in electrostatic precipitator hopper level measurement.

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  • Solids point level measurement
  • Dust level measurement
  • Switching on bulk solids
  • Block chute detection
  • Industries such as food and beverage, animal feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, quarrying, power generation and cement
  • Monitoring materials such as plaster, cement, chalk, lime, granules, wood chips, cereals, cocoa, sugar, animal feeds, washing powders or plastics powders and pellets