Pulsarpoint 300

Highly reliable rotating solids paddle level switch

Pulsarpoint 300 product image

Pulsarpoint 300 is a rotating paddle level switch for level measurement and switching on bulk solids. The paddle's rotation is interrupted when material reaches the paddle, causing a clutch to disengage the motor. This in turn actuates a relay allowing an alarm signal to be switched. This may be used to signify a material level as being high, intermediate or low depending on configuration chosen.

The Pulsarpoint 300 utilises a polycarbonate housing, sealed to IP66. The process connection is of the same material, with a polypropylene double blade paddle as standard which can be easily converted to a single blade.


  • Cable and rigid extension options
  • High temperature +350ºC/+662ºF option
  • ATEX dust Ex ia Zone 20/21 option

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  • Solids point level measurement
  • Switching on bulk solids
  • Block chute detection
  • Industries such as food and beverage, animal feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, quarrying, power generation and cement
  • Monitoring materials such as plaster, cement, chalk, lime, granules, wood chips, cereals, cocoa, sugar, animal feeds, washing powders or plastics powders and pellets