Pulsarpoint 200 Series

Vibrating level switches for bulk solids

Pulsarpoint 210 product image

Pulsarpoint 200 Series is a vibrating level switch for bulk solid applications. When solids material comes into contact with the vibrating probe, the frequency of oscillation changes. This is detected and a signal generated to provide a changing relay output. May be used to signify a material level as being high, intermediate or low depending on configuration chosen.

The design of the thin blade profile and the frequency of oscillation ensure that the probe is able to resist material build up, often associated with tuning fork designs. This provides long, trouble free operation.

The Pulsarpoint 200 Series is suitable for most granular products with a bulk density of 20g/litre or more. A relay output is standard. The electronics are mounted in a diecast aluminium housing. The process connection and probe are in stainless steel. An adjustable sensitivity setting allows easy adjustment to suit the material being monitored.

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  • Bulk solids point level measurement
  • Block chute detection
  • Prevention of overflows, empty vessels, clogged or blocked conveyors
  • Dry bulk solids from powder up to 20mm particle size
  • Industries such as, food, animal feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, quarrying, power generation, cement and other bulk solids
  • Products such as, flour, sugar, cellulose, coffee, sawdust, styrofoam, powdered milk, tea, ground glass, sand, grain, pellets and animal feed