Blackbox 136 Level CSO

Non-contacting intelligent monitoring of level or overflow events

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Blackbox 136 CSO is a sophisticated ultrasonic system specifically designed for use with batteries to provide non-contacting monitoring of level or overflow events, with exceptionally low power consumption to maximise battery life in remote locations. Blackbox 136 CSO also features on-board data logging.

Blackbox CSO

Blackbox 136 CSO wake up is economical and simple to program and operate, users benefit from extremely accurate and reliable digital echo processing with access to the dB Transducer range, measuring 125mm (0.41ft) right through to 40m (130ft).

Blackbox CSO Calibration

Blackbox units can be set up using Pulsar's PC Suite and optional interface cable, which links the Blackbox RJ11 RS232 port to the PC's serial or USB port. Blackbox units can also be set up using a hand-held programming unit.

CSO Log Software

If data logging is a requirement, the optional CSO log software is available both to set up the unit and download and analyse the logged data. The software includes powerful graphing, data analysis, export and print functions. Each data record is internally logged and also supplied as a 0-5v output. On standby, 136 CSO is ready to be polled by an external data logger or telemetry outstation for the retrieval of information.

Wake up intervals may also be varied automatically. For instance, if the level approaches a critical point, the interval between measurements can be reduced on even set to run the system continuously so that more detailed records of the event are available. The new interval will be maintained until the level returns to normal values and then the system reverts back to the previous wake up interval.

Should weir or other flow structure be available in the CSO then the Blackbox 136 can totalise 'spill volume' through this structure. Not only will the 136 CSO unit log the day, time and duration of any 'spill event' it logs the quantity too.

CSO Log Software available to support this product.-

CSO Log is a combination of Blackbox PC and Ultra Log software specifically designed for the Blackbox 136 CSO controller.

Programme the Blackbox 136 CSO’s data logging facility, download data, record, change or download parameters, view Echo Profiles and where required, re-program your Blackbox 136 CSO to the latest version of software.

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  • Monitoring of overflow events
  • Level measurement
  • Low power consumption requirements
  • On-board data logging requirements

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