Flow Pulse Handheld Controller

Portable System for Pipe Flow Monitoring

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Flow Pulse Handheld Controller is an indispensable tool for portable flow monitoring, offering a toolset that allows programming, monitoring and data acquisition. The unit is available to connect to pre-installed Flow Pulse sensors or as a self-contained kit, with instant feedback via its clear colour screen. For true portability, the Handheld Controller will power a Flow Pulse directly, giving instant feedback on flow rate for a dynamic assessment of system or pump performance.

The Flow Pulse Handheld is available as a stand-alone unit to use with pre-existing Flow Pulse sensors, or can optionally be purchased as a complete kit with Flow Pulse and a compact and convenient carry case. Mains or battery operation, with in-car charger.

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Applications using Flow Pulsar Handheld Controller

Industrial Application - Flow Pulse reading on a vertical pipe

Industrial Application - Flow Pulse reading on a vertical pipe