Flow Monitor

Fixed Installation Flow Monitoring

Flow Monitor for Pipe flow measurement

Flow Monitor is a dedicated wall mounted device for use with Pulsar’s Flow Pulse flow sensor in fixed or permanent installations. The Flow Monitor is powered using either an AC or DC power supply which then provides the Flow Pulse flow sensor with power and offers an interface via a 4-core cable.

Flow Monitor expands the capability of the Flow Pulse flow sensor by providing two relays that can be programmed as alarm (relay 1) or control (relay 2) for flow or velocity, or either relay can alternatively be programmed as a totaliser.

Flow Monitor also provides a mA output and onboard logging, including a daily total. Typical capacity is 36 days flow logging at 1 minute intervals (using optional logging software – UltraLog).

Flow Monitor has an LCD display of flow rate and flow velocity (selectable), and is menu-programmable via a set of function keys.

Flow Monitor Features

  • Power for Flow Pulse 22-28V DC and Universal AC 85-264V
  • Display for flow/velocity from single Flow Pulse controller
  • Setup of Flow Pulse sensor
  • Two programmable relays for control and alarm
  • Daily and system / resettable totalisers
  • Logging, setup and download via Optional Log Software

For use with the following product:-

Flow Pulse flow sensor for pump monitoring

Flow Pulse sensor

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Applications using Flow Monitor

Flow monitor installed at a Thames Water Pumping Station

Thames Water Pumping Station
Case Study available

Flow monitoring within a UK Water Company

Flow monitoring within a UK Water Company

Flow Monitor in a Wastewater Application

Flow Monitor in a Wastewater Application