Tommy the Travelling TTFM Strikes Again at Food Packaging Manufacturing Plant

Published on Friday, September 11, 2020

Tommy has had a rest for a few weeks, however last week we saw him in action again with our Product Support Manager Rhys Griffiths.

They were up in Leeds at a food packaging plant where the customer manufactures packaging for the food industry, and the customer wanted to find out how much water was going into the plant and into different processes. The application was the main chilled clean water feed to the plant on a 115mm diameter galvanised mild steel pipe.

As this was a clean water application Rhys knew exactly who to call on, Tommy using his transit time of flight technology is able to measure the time it takes for an ultrasonic signal transmitted from one transducer to cross a pipe and be received by a second transducer. Because the ultrasonic signal must cross the pipe to a receiving transducer, this technology works best when the fluid doesn’t contain a significant concentration of bubbles or solids.

When you compare this to the doppler technology featured with Tommy’s friends Daisy the DFM and Freddie the FlowPulse, doppler technology continuously transmits a high frequency sound that travels through the pipe wall and into the flowing liquid. The sound is reflected back to the sensor from solids or bubbles in the fluid so therefore requires a dirtier fluid application.

So, it was a no brainer on who this application was suited for!

Overall, Tommy was able to gain a strong signal and produce accurate and stable readings the plant manager was looking for.

With another success story under his belt, who knows where Tommy may end up next!

If you think you have a suitable application for Tommy the Travelling TTFM or any of his friends, please contact Malvern HQ or your respective sales manager to organise a day trial.

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