Pulsar’s MCERTS Success: Still the Most Accurate OCM In the World

Published on Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Pulsar's FlowCERT Controller

Pulsar Process Measurement’s FlowCERT non-contacting ultrasonic open channel flow measurement systems have each achieved the highest Class 1 level during re-certification to the latest update to the MCERTs certification process. FlowCERT with Pulsar’s unique DUET transducer array has been again shown to be the world’s most accurate ultrasonic Open Channel Flow measurement system.

Pulsar’s FlowCERT Lite and FlowCERT with DUET are dedicated open channel flow (OCM) monitors, both of which make use of Pulsar’s world-leading DATEM echo processing software to achieve rock-solid measurement. FlowCERT Lite uses Pulsar’s dB3 transducer, with its high-frequency crystal array for high resolution in the measurement, and an external temperature sensor. DUET, designed specifically to be used with FlowCERT, is Pulsar’s unique twin-transducer array that integrates the signals from the two separate sources to render the system almost completely impervious to any variation in the speed of sound within the air column above within the channel.

MCERTs certification presentation at WWEM 2014The latest, more rigorous, version of the MCERTS tests include a simulation of varying solar radiation, which can have a significant effect on level measurement instrumentation of all types. Both FlowCERT and FlowCERT with DUET achieved Class 1 passes, the highest level of certification within the MCERTS standard. FlowCERT with DUET was measured with a ‘Combined Performance Characteristic’ of 0.044% error, well within the Class 1 standard of 0.2% error and the highest accuracy of any manufacturer’s instrument tested.

Download Pulsar’s MCERTS Certificates: www.pulsar-pm.com/support/downloads/certificates.aspx

For more information about Pulsar’s FlowCERT OCM: www.pulsar-pm.com/product-types/flow/flowcert.aspx

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