New Device Type Manager!

Pulsar Process Measurement are pleased to announce the release of NEW Device Type Manager Software

Published on Thursday, May 7, 2020

Pulsar Process Measurement are pleased to introduce a new Pulsar Device Type Manager (DTM) to its product range.

This driver has been designed to support Pulsar’s dBi HART Range, our self-contained, intelligent non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement transducers, which make use of HART communication protocols to make plant integration simple.

As with all products from the Pulsar range, our continual commitment to Research and Development of technology and products means that soon the dBi HART will just be one of many products that can be controlled via a the DTM.

By using the DTM, users are able to communicate with the dBi HART transducers using FDT frame applications, such as PACTware, offering greater flexibility to those that wish to use a single software platform with devices sourced from multiple different vendors.

The universal and common practice commands of the HART protocol 7 are supported and the user will be able to set parameters of the Pulsar device, view a diagnostic echo trace, view measured-value information displays, have trend graph function capability, calibrate the device and print out the parameter of values – all in one convenient place.

To download the software for your dBi HART transducer, please visit our software downloads page.


Screenshot of Diagnostic Trace Graph               


   DTM - Diagnostic Trace Graph






 Screenshot of DTM Software in Mode of Operation                     

    DTM - Mode of Operation









    DTM - Unviersal Curved Breakpoint Graph


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